Summer Student Housing

During the summer, most of Williams' student residences are being used by summer conference programs or are having various levels of maintenance performed. Even so, a handful of residences are available each summer to house summer students who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Read through the important information below for more details about summer student housing at Williams.

Please note: actual move-in and move-out days will vary depending upon each student's approved housing dates.

  • Important Note: Mission Park and the Frosh Quad will be used to prepare for and accommodate families of graduating seniors, from May 23 - June 4. Any Mission Park or Frosh Quad spring student resident approved to remain on-campus beyond Saturday, May 27, 2023, will need to move to individually-determined housing on May 26, 2023. More information on this will be given to those particular students when the time comes.


    Pre-Approved Late Stay Programs/Categories

    Students involved in a pre-approved late-stay program/category will be able (in most cases) to remain in their spring semester housing assignment until certain dates (see below). OSL will be given rosters of these students by those coordinating the programs. Students who are part of one or more of these programs do not need to request housing individually UNLESS they also plan to request summer housing or additional housing beyond the dates for which their program/s are approved.

    The pre-approved programs/categories include:

    • WOOLF Leaders & Trainers (must move out of their spring semester housing by Tuesday, May 23 @ 12 noon and will be staying in the Fieldhouse until TBD - speak with Scott Lewis if you have any questions)
    • JA's to the Class of 2027, First Gen Orientation Leaders, International Student Orientation Leaders, all other EphVentures (Exploring the Arts, Leading Minds, ROOT, Team EPH, Where Am I?) Leaders, and their Trainers (must move out no later than TBD)
    • House Coordinators & Residential Directors for Summer 2023 and 2023-2024 Academic Year (must move out no later than Friday, May 26 @ 12 noon)
    • WOOLF Staff (must move out no later than TBD)
    • Graduating Seniors, The Williams Record Student Staff, Commencement Band, & Commencement Choir Members (must move out no later than Sunday, June 4 @ 5 PM)
    • CLiA's Give It Up Workers (must move out no later than Sunday, June 4 @ 5 PM)
    • Commencement+Reunion Rangers, Dining Services Student Staff (may remain in spring semester housing until Monday, June 5 - will be required to move to a designated location, and then must move out no later than Monday, June 12 @ 2 PM)
    • Library Student Staff (will move to temporary housing on TBD - will move to summer student housing on Monday, June 12)
    • Still Pending: Peer Educators, RASAN, & CROSBY DEI

    Individual Requests / Other

    Due to increasingly-high usage of campus residential facilities by the College's Reunion program, summer students who wish to remain in Williamstown from the end of the spring semester to the beginning of the official summer housing period are strongly urged to make their own housing accommodations elsewhere off-campus during this May 23 - June 12 time period.

    That said, to make this kind of individual request, utilize the Pre-Summer Housing application in the Williams Housing Portal and follow the instructions (available in early April). Students approved for this option will be assigned by Housing into Prospect for the pre-summer period. Prospect is the only building that will be available during this pre-summer period to those who would also be eligible for housing during the Regular Summer Period (see below). Should there be more student requests than available beds in Prospect, Campus Life reserves the right to prioritize based on students' home address distance from campus.

  • Current Williams students (including graduating seniors) who are involved in pre-approved Division I, II, & III research programs, or the CES program, or employed directly by the College for a minimum of 20 hours a week and a minimum of 5 continuous weeks are eligible. Additionally, current Williams students who are employed by a local, non-Williams employer for a minimum of 20 hours a week and a minimum of 5 continuous weeks are eligible as long as space allows. The last day to move in is Friday, July 7, 2023.

    Division I, II, & III Research Programs

    Please note: any student’s eligibility to stay on-campus may be denied and/or revoked by the Dean of the College or Student Life at any time.

    Applications will be accepted via the Williams Housing Portal starting on March 1, 2023.

  • Pre-Approved Early Arrival Programs/Categories

    Students involved in a pre-approved early arrival program/category will be able (in most cases) to move directly into their fall semester housing assignment on certain dates (see below). Students who are part of one or more of these programs do not need to request early arrival housing individually UNLESS:

    • they are also in summer housing until Saturday, August 12 and
    • wish to remain on campus until their program/category start date and
    • can move to their fall housing assignment on TBD.

    The pre-approved programs/categories include, by arrival date/time:

    • Student Residential Leaders (HCs, JAs, JAAB, RDs) arrive.
    • Pre-Orientation Leaders arrive.
    • Student OIT Leaders arrive.
    • International First-Year students, First-Gen First-Year students, and Transfer & Veteran students arrive for Pre-Orientation.
    • EphVenture Leaders arrive.
    • UC Football Players arrive.
    • First-Year students arrive.
    • UC Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Cross Country Players arrive.
    • Upperclass students arrive.

    Summer-to-Fall Transitional Requests

    Summer students who are part of one of the pre-approved Early Arrival Programs/Categories listed above may request to remain on campus from August 12 through to the fall semester under the following stipulations:

    1. You must be in Summer Student Housing through August 12, AND
    2. You must be able to move on TBD, AND
    3. You must be living on-campus in the fall of 2023.

    Summer students who are NOT part of one of the qualifying programs/criteria listed above may request to remain on campus from August 12 through to the fall semester under the following stipulations:

    • You must be in Summer Student Housing through August 12, AND
    • You must be able to move on TBD, AND
    • You must be living on-campus in the fall of 2023, AND
    • You are either providing critical work for a department or faculty member (will be confirmed individually), or your home address is outside of a 425-mile radius of campus (see the map).Map - 425 Mile Radius of Williamstown

    The application process will open in the Housing Portal mid-summer. Approvals/denials will be sent via Williams College email, and further information about moving will be sent to those approved.

  • There is no housing charge to eligible students. However, please note:

    • The value of the housing may be considered taxable income for the student; Human Resources has more information about that. If you’re interested - contact them directly with questions or concerns @ 413.597.2681.
    • Students living on-campus during the summer are required to be on a meal plan through Dining Services, and the cost for this is the responsibility of the student. Click here for more information.

  • Summer 2023 housing may include Currier, East, Faye, Fitch, Morgan, Prospect, Sage, and Hubbell. Doubles and Flex rooms may be used as doubles. If you find yourself living alone in a double, you may have a roommate later on in the summer, as students have various arrival and departure dates throughout the summer.
    Please Note: the additional Flex rooms for 2023-2024 will not be in place until the end of the summer. If you're assigned to a room that is being converted into a Flex room, you will be notified about furniture being placed into the room sometime this summer.

  • Students are responsible for their own moves; the College does not provide moving assistance.

    Checking In on Monday, June 12

    Students approved for summer housing may move in as of 2 PM unless otherwise instructed via email by Housing. Check-in, which includes key/code distribution, will take place at Student Life (Paresky 2nd floor) from 2 PM - 7 PM that day. Students moving out of other campus housing that day must be fully moved out of that housing by 11:59 PM on June 12.

    Checking In on Other Days
    Please Note: The latest move-in date is Friday, July 7, 2023, to meet the minimum 5-week job requirement.

    Approved students may move in as of 9 AM on the first day of the student's housing approved dates unless otherwise instructed via email by Housing. Check-in, which includes key/code distribution, will take place at Student Life (Paresky 2nd floor) during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM - Please note, the office will be closed on July 4).

  • You must be moved out by 5 PM on the last day of your housing approval – unless your final day is Saturday, 8/19; on 8/19, you must move out by 12 noon.

    You are expected to leave your room in good condition when you move out - all personal belongings removed, all College furnishings in place, and needing only a simple cleaning.

    Fines and charges may apply if you leave personal belongings, if the room needs excessive cleaning, if College furnishings are damaged beyond reasonable wear/tear or missing, if you do not drop off your key, and/or if you do not leave on time. Be sure to drop your key off at the Key Drop-Slot at Paresky 219. (If Paresky is closed when you need to drop off your key, visit Campus Safety.)

  • Summer students are at all times responsible for their own conduct and are expected to abide by College Policy (these policies and regulations apply during the summer as well unless otherwise noted on this page). When there is a difference of opinion about the interpretation of your rights & responsibilities, you should consult with Campus Safety and/or the Dean's Office.


    The College cannot make space available during the summer months for large student events/parties. However, students may hold basic events/parties that meet all of the following criteria:

    • May only be held in a space in Williams student summer housing that has a capacity of 99 or less.
    • Space usage must be approved by the building's Summer House Coordinator at least one day in advance.
    • Beer/wine only; no hard alcohol.
    • No bulk alcohol (such as kegs).
    • No more than one 12-ounce serving of beer or one 4-ounce serving of wine per 40% of the venue's capacity or expected attendance (whichever is lower) per hour (up to 4 hours).
    • Appropriate amounts of food and non-alcohol beverages must be available at the event/party.
    • No amplified music (beyond an MP3 player at reasonable levels).

    Important notes for any student coordinating such an event/party:

    • You must follow the rules above and any applicable rules from the Student Handbook.
    • You will be the contact person and will be held responsible for clean-up and any damages that occur.
    • You can be held responsible for the actions of your guests.
    • These events may be shut down by Campus Safety as necessary due to noise complaints, exceeding alcohol limits, overcrowding, or any reason that jeopardizes student safety. You may be subject to a fine of up to $100 for each violation and referral to the Dean's Office for disciplinary action.

    Because there are people on campus across a wide age range, we do not have regulations about summer party hours. However, the Williamstown Police Department may respond to noise complaints. A town ordinance designates midnight as a reasonable ending time for parties. It is expected that all students and others on campus during the summer will respect the rights of others and act responsibly.

    And remember – as always, students are expected to abide by the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which prohibits the purchase, possession, and/or consumption of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age.

    Interactions with Youth Program Participants

    There are several youth program participants attending Conferences at Williams during the summer. It is inappropriate for summer students to host these young people in their rooms or to be hosted in the young people's rooms. It is also inappropriate to invite these young people to student events that include alcohol.

  • Card readers for TBD offer admittance to all summer student housing residents who live in one of those buildings.

  • Applications for student housing for Summer 2023 will be available in the Williams Housing Portal from March 1, 2023, through Friday, March 24, 2023, at 5 PM. Notice of approval or denial will be sent via email. Actual assignments are made by the Office of Student Life.

All Dates and Times are Subject to Change