Housing Accommodations

All Williams students are expected to utilize the College’s regular housing assignment processes, and are expected to abide by all College policies and procedures having to do with housing. However, if a student has a significant diagnosis, condition, or situation that cannot be addressed via the regular processes or within College policies, they may submit a Housing Accommodations request via the Housing Portal & follow the process. Except as necessary to the decision-making process, all student information will be maintained as confidential.

Students should never request a Housing Accommodations request lightly. This process is intended to support students who have true and significant needs that cannot be accommodated through regular processes or within the college’s policies. It is not intended to provide an “easy-out” for a student to avoid participating in a regular process, to be exempted from housing policies for convenience, or to simply secure for oneself a better room than one already has. Any student who is found to have misrepresented their situation in a Housing Accommodations request may be denied by OCL from inclusion in a correlated regular housing assignment process, and may be referred for disciplinary action.

Please note:

  • Deadlines are important and students are expected to adhere to them.
  • Because the Williams campus is relatively small and general proximity from one side of campus to another is typically a 15-minute walk or less, close proximity to a campus resource as a request holds a very high bar for consideration, typically only for significant mobility issues.
  • Housing processes will not be delayed due to pending housing accommodations requests.
  • For a request having to do with the upperclass lottery process, the student requestor may choose to reject an assignment made by the Housing Accommodation Review Team (HART) and instead participate in a correlated lottery process.
  • For a request that results in a pre-assignment, the student requestor may bring up to three friends with them if the specific housing assignment allows it. The pull-ins will also be assigned by HART. Additional pull-ins may be considered if HART determines that the specific situation requires them.
  • Once first-year housing assignments are made and conveyed to students, they are NOT eligible to be considered for an assignment change until at least the second full week of fall semester classes. Students who are considering a request regarding their first-year housing assignment after the second full week of fall semester classes are expected to have spoken with their JA’s and/or their Area Coordinator prior to submitting the Housing Accommodations request form.

Requesting a Housing Accommodation, Gathering Information

1. The student submits the online request form in the Housing Portal. (Log in, choose “Forms” in the purple bar, then select “Housing Accommodations” & follow the instructions.) If the request involves any sort of documentation (i.e., medical, etc.), the student should contact their provider to ensure the documentation will be conveyed immediately to the correlated college administrator noted in #2d below.

2. After submission, on the same or next business day, the Residential Life & Housing Assistant (Ana Azevedo) will review the request & will notify the Housing Accommodations Review Team (HART), consisting of:

  a) the Director of Residential Life & Housing (Patty Leahey-Hays),
b) the Assistant Director for Housing Operations (Heather McCarthy),
c) the correlated Class Dean (Tamanika Steward for first-years & sophomores, Rebecca Garcia for juniors, Janice Williams for seniors),
the college administrator that corresponds with the selection made on the form:

3. After the request has been forwarded by Ana, the college administrator from 2d above, will reach out to the student on the same or next business day to schedule a time to discuss the specifics of the request, with an expectation of the meeting between the student and the administrator to take place within five business days of the administrator’s outreach.

4. After the college administrator from 2d above has met with the student, the Housing Accommodations Review Team (HART) will make a decision on the request, and the decision will be conveyed to the student by Ana. HART meets once weekly throughout the year.

Option to Appeal HART’s Decision

If the student believes HART’s decision does not meet their needs, they can opt to appeal the decision within 48 hours of the conveyance of the decision.

  1. The student must email the college administrator from 2d above, to schedule a meeting; in the meeting, the student must detail why the student believes HART’s decision does not meet their needs.
  2. The college administrator from 2d above, will reach out on the same or next business day as the appeal discussion they had with the student, to the Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life (Doug Schiazza), the Senior Associate Dean of Students (Rachel Bukanc), to arrange an appeal decision meeting.
  3. This group of three will review the appeal within two business days and will make a decision, which Ana will convey.
  4. Decision is final.

Please note – if no appeal of the outcome is made by the student within 48 hours of the notification, the HART decision is final.