Fall 2021 Student Arrival Route

All check-in and testing will be in the lower level of the Parking Garage. 

Traffic Pattern

 All traffic will enter the Parking Garage via the Whitman Street entrance (45 Whitman Street). 

  •  Personal vehicles that meet the height restrictions (6’6”) will proceed to the second level of the garage where they will be directed down to the first level. 
  •  Oversized personal vehicles will have two options:
    1. If the student is able, they will be dropped off and they will take the stairs down to the lower level of the garage for check-in and testing, or
    2. The student will be transported via van to the lower level. 
  • Busses and airport shuttles will enter the parking garage circle via Whitman Street.  The busses and shuttles will drop the students off along with their luggage.  Students will be asked to label luggage and proceed to check-in and test.  Vans will be available to transport students to the check-in and testing if needed.  All luggage for these students will be transported to the appropriate dorms. Busses and shuttles will depart the circle via AMT drive (the drive will be closed to all traffic other than busses and shuttles).

General Procedure once in the Garage.

  1.  Students being brought to campus by family or friends will be dropped off in the lower level of the garage.  The vehicle they are traveling in will depart and head to the students’ dorm or another predetermined meeting point.  NO LUGGAGE WILL BE UNLOADED IN THE GARAGE.
  2.  Students’ walkthrough each station, check in with Campus Life, receive their ID (if applicable) and key or code to their dorm room.
  3.  Once checked in, the student will then register and be given a Covid test.
  4.  Once check-in and testing are completed, the student can walk to their dorm or predetermined meeting place (vans will be available to transport students to dorms in the case of a pre-approved accommodation or bad weather).
  5.  If students arrive driving their own vehicle, they will follow the same process as above with the exception that they will be directed to park their car in the lower level and proceed to walk through the check-in and testing process.  Once completed, they will enter their vehicle and head to their dorm.