Aug. 26: Storm Preparedness

To the Williams Community,

The latest update from public officials is that the brunt of this storm (in the form of heavy rain followed by very strong winds) should hit us through most of Sunday and Sunday night. There’s the definite possibility of flooding and power outages.

One of the most helpful things you can do before you leave campus today is to make sure that windows are not only closed but locked. Please check the windows in your own work area and any others that you have access to. Many windows have two levers to secure them; please check both.

A number of extra staff in Facilities, the Dean’s Office, and elsewhere will be on duty or on call this weekend. They know who they are or will soon. Our thanks go to them for this extra effort.

We will decide by sometime Sunday evening whether to have only essential personnel come to work Monday. Either way, we will communicate that decision by e-mail, on the college’s home page, and on the recording at 597-4239 (597-ICEY).

If you’re on campus and notice storm damage such as a broken window, downed line, flooding, please report it to x4444.

We’ll continue to monitor the storm’s development and will let you know if there are any significant changes.

Otherwise, enjoy this lovely weather while it lasts, hunker down and stay safe over the weekend, and look out Sunday evening for word about college operations on Monday.

Steve Klass
Vice President for Campus Life